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Backyard Treehouse. The fifth treehouse built by artist Jay Nelson. It was built for a ceramist Daria Joseph in her backyard between two redwood trees. A 25-step spiral staircase takes to a 10-by-12-foot (3-by-3,6-meters) room with geometric ceilings, three huge windows, and beautiful stained glass portals. Located in Marin County, California, USA. 

There are certain words in English language that are nearly impossible to say without thinking happy thoughts or smiling outright. Treehouse is one such word. — Jay Nelson (Interview on Surfline)

(Source: sfgate.com)


Jay Nelson’s tiny house in Hawaii | via The Shelter Blog | hat tip Tiny House Community

Jay Nelson is an artist and maker curating his work here on Tumblr:

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You may know Jay from works such as the Golden Gate | more Jay Nelson


Texas Treehouse. A cozy little house up in the trees complemented with colourful lights and a nice hammock on the ground level. The treehouse is inhabited permanently. And, of course, how could it not be?

(Source: the-miss-adventures-of-emilee)


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